Just Wanted to Say (Composer, Producer, Arrangements) Genesis (string arrangement, additional composition) Alias Zero (Game Soundtrack) Struggle - Concept Theme (Game Soundtrack) Acoustic Blend Seventh Ascent - Secrets (Music Producer, String Arrangements) Seventh Ascent - Battleground (Music Producer) Hollow Embrace (string arrangement) Team Player Gaming (Podcast Intro) RapidFire Theme (Game Soundtrack) RapidFire - Level Music (Game Soundtrack) RapidFire - Boss Fight (Game Soundtrack) RapidFire - Level Boss Fight (Game Soundtrack) This New Infection (intro, sound design, composition) Oracle (MLG Pro Circuit Event Music) 24 Elders - MLG Pro Circuit Event Music Among the Fallen (Game Soundtrack) The Day of Atonement Genie in a Bottle - Rock Remix Song of Mid-Summer Complexion - Love ( Game Soundtrack) Film Score - Soda Religion / Instrumental Rock Les Saisons Terminant (Game Soundtrack)